We can help you get your affairs in order before an unexpected Illness or accident impacts your family

We can help you get your affairs in order before an unexpected Illness or accident impacts your family

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Prepare Your Affairs

Ease the burden of Death. Be ready for widowhood with confidence, peace of mind, and control of your assets.

The benefits of working with us to get your affairs in order

  • Help mitigate the fog and confusion that comes immediately following the death of your spouse

  • Reduce or eliminate rash and/or expensive decisions made at the time of your partner's death

  • Prepare for and reduce the emotional sabotage family members (including children and in-laws) can place on a widow or widower when they feel authorized to plan memorials and/or feel entitled to inherit property, possessions, or wealth
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that the surviving spouses will be prepared emotionally, financially, and legally for the impact of their partner’s death

  • Remove the stigma and taboo of talking and planning one’s death

  • Help spouses understand that getting their affairs in order is a gift of love and compassion to their surviving spouse and children



Corey and Katie entered widowhood in 2016 after losing spouses to cancer. They met and connected in a widow/widower support group and later married. One of the principles they learned from their own experiences and those of other surviving spouses is that the more prepared a surviving spouse is on a financial, legal, emotional, and practical level, the better they will adjust to widowhood.

Survivors with their affairs in order will maintain their independence and control of their assets and be freer to properly grieve and move forward in life. Conversely, those who do not have their affairs in order are more likely to have their lives flipped upside down. They may need to move and uproot kids because they can't afford the mortgage. They may no longer be self-reliant and must rely on family or other charities to financially support them. Some may have to change jobs to allow them to better serve as a single parent.

We hope to share what we've learned and help other families properly get their affairs in order and be prepared with confidence, peace of mind, and in control of their assets.

Tools to Quicker Peace of Mind.

We can't wait to help you on your preparedness journey.


Use these free tools to create your to-do list and evaluate your planning progress.


A digital, printable organizing packet to secure all your important family information in one place.


We will help you get organized, create your to-do list, and be accountable until your done.


e-Books to discover the unforeseen and misunderstood factors for your family plan.


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